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Parenting Coordination: Some thoughts on why it works

The Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court has recently launched its implementation of the Ohio Supreme Court’s Parenting Coordination Superintendence Rule (Sup.R. 90 – 90.12) in its Local Rule 38.   Prior to this implementation, various judges tried parenting coordination on an ad hoc basis.  It is from that experience that I draw the following observations as […]

The Key to “Successful” Divorce

At the outset, let me explain what I mean by “successful” divorce.  Divorce is a painful and damaging process for the participants and their families.  So by successful, I mean the least damaging, least pain inflicting, least destructive process.  The level of success is measured in terms of less damage and progress toward post-divorce adjustment. […]

Divorce at 50 and Beyond

Current social science literature reports in a phenomenon labeled “grey divorce” a significant increase in divorces among couples age 50 and older. During the last two decades the divorce rate has remained basically stable for the general population. In 2010, however the rate for those 50 and above was more than 2.5 times the comparable […]