If you have read this far, you are most likely suffering in a financial situation and under a burden of debt and you are looking for a way out. Your situation may have been brought on by many different causes, such as large, unexpected medical bills or an income interruption due to layoff or cut-back hours. Often times, exorbitant interest rates on credit cards or huge fees that accumulate after a late payment, coupled with even a short-term drop in income or an emergency expense can lead to a financial “death spiral” from which recovery is difficult if not impossible. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to get caught up, the numbers just don’t add up. Creditors are relentless, and will use foreclosures, levies, evictions, garnishments, repossessions and aggressive harassment techniques to make your life miserable. You probably dread getting the mail and you may even be afraid to answer your telephone for fear of the bill collectors who will be on the other end. Fortunately, the laws of the United States are written to help you.

Relief under the Bankruptcy Code is often the only option that will give you a rational way to get meaningful debt relief and to put your finances back in order. Corporations and even municipalities use the protection of the bankruptcy laws to financially restructure and return to prosperity all the time. Think about General Motors, Chrysler, American Airlines, or even the City of San Bernardino, California. In addition to all the big-name corporate bankruptcy filings, over 1.3 million individual debtors filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011 alone! In many cases, relief under the Bankruptcy laws can provide permanent relief to your family’s “balance sheet,” too. Unfortunately, the laws in this area can be quite complicated. For most people, filing bankruptcy is not a “do-it-yourself” project. You should seek the help of a bankruptcy lawyer.

Filing bankruptcy, or even thinking about it, is an intensely emotional time–as you know. You should have an attorney who understands this human reality, too. The phone books and daytime TV commercials are full of giant law firms that crank out hundreds of bankruptcy filings for nameless clients who never even get to meet their lawyer in person before they are standing on the courthouse steps. That’s not how we work at HUNT LEGAL GROUP. We will meet with you personally to get to know you and to fully understand your situation. We will apply the law to your individual set of circumstances to make sure you get the best outcome available. The financial and emotional chaos that leads someone to consider a bankruptcy filing brings with it a lot of questions. You deserve the personal attention of your lawyer to get them answered.

If you find yourself in the financial spiral, if the numbers just won’t add up, if are looking for a way out, we are here to help you get a fresh start. Call to speak with an attorney personally, or to set up an appointment to meet with an attorney in our office.


Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code, sometimes called “repayment” or “adjustment…


Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code is sometimes also known as…