Commercial vehicle and trucking accidents

An accident involving a commercial semi truck is one in which most people are fortunate to escape alive. A jackknifed 18 wheeler across multiple lanes of an interstate like I-90 would likely cause a pile up, life-changing injuries, and even tragic fatalities. If you have sustained injuries, or the loss of a loved one, because of an accident involving a commercial vehicle, contact the law firm of Hunt Legal Group and talk to one of our trucking accident attorneys about collecting damages.

The riskiest times to be driving are at night when driver fatigue is a serious concern and also during bad weather when semi trucks are more difficult to control. If the circumstances of your accident involve criminal charges such as reckless driving, speeding, or drunk driving, you will be best prepared for the legal ramifications with your own professional legal representation.

Legal complexities of trucking accidents

The legal aspects of trucking accidents are much more complicated than those of ordinary auto accidents because the trucking companies are represented by their own insurance agencies. These agencies have lawyers working hard to represent the trucking companies’ interests, so it is essential that you get in touch with the Westlake, Ohio, trucking accident attorneys at Hunt Legal Group so you have a professional watching out for your interests.

Wrongful death lawsuits against commercial trucking companies

Our lawyers are trained to look into a large set of circumstances to determine liability for a tractor trailer accident. If we discover that a trucking company is liable for an accident because they failed to follow guidelines for accident prevention and training (e.g. failure to follow guidelines for proper loading can cause a rollover), it increases their liability for the accident. In trucking accident cases, it literally pays to have your own legal representation protecting your best interests. Give it some thought, and then contact the Westlake, Ohio, trucking accident attorneys at Hunt Legal Group