If your minor child (under 18 years of age) has been charged with violating a law in Ohio, his or her case will be heard by Juvenile Court judge or magistrate. You may be concerned that your child may end up in jail or have some type of permanent record. Ramifications of juvenile court decisions can have a lasting impact on your child’s educational and employment opportunities. The juvenile justice system can be confusing and rife with potentially dangerous outcomes for your child. Hiring the right defense attorney is critical to protecting your child’s future.

Ohio juvenile law is a highly specialized area of criminal defense involving both felony and misdemeanor charges. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of juvenile court cases and fought to protect the best interest of the child.

Juvenile courts have jurisdiction over:

Delinquencies – violations of the law of the United States, The State of Ohio, or any ordinance of a political subdivision that would be criminal in nature if committed by an adult. This also includes a child who has violated a lawful order of a court. Common offenses include:

  • Underage drinking and alcohol related offenses
  • Drug related offenses
  • Fighting and other violent offenses
  • Theft offenses
  • Vandalism and other property related offenses
  • Sex related offenses

Unruly Cases – violations for a child who does not submit to the reasonable control of the child’s parents, teachers, guardians or custodians, and includes behavior that may tend to injure or endanger the child’s own health or morals. Common offenses include

  • Truancy
  • Curfew violations

Traffic Offenses – violations of state and local traffic codes committed by a minor child. Common offenses include:

  • Moving violations
  • Violations specifically related to drivers under age 18

We will aggressively defend your child against the charges and ensure that his or her rights are not violated. In some circumstances, we can be successful in having your child’s case referred for a diversion program for offenses that may otherwise find your child placed in a secured detention facility or placed on probation.

If your child faces a delinquency charge in Ohio, time is critical. The resolution to your child’s case and ultimately his or her future may depend upon how soon a skilled juvenile defense attorney is brought into the matter.

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Mr. Brochetti, before joining the W. H. Hunt Legal Group, worked as an adult probation officer and juvenile delinquency prosecutor in Cuyahoga County. Since leaving the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, his primary practice has been juvenile delinquency defense.

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