Is your Son or Daughter in Trouble?

A good juvenile delinquency defense attorney is vital in a case brought by the State of Ohio against your son or daughter. The attorneys at the W. H. Hunt Legal Group have extensive experience in the Juvenile Courts in Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties and will be able to help if your son or daughter has been given a ticket, arrested, or questioned by either the police or disciplinary school officials about any of the following situations:

  • Underage possession or underage drinking of alcohol
  • Fighting at school
  • Possession of marijuana or any other illegal or controlled substance
  • Any traffic offense, especially speeding and those resulting from an accident
  • Theft from a store or a classmate
  • Domestic Violence against a parent or sibling
  • Possession of a weapon, including knives and guns
  • Threats made to a peer in person or via social media
  • Damage committed to property of the school, a class mate, or a neighbor
  • Any sex crime, not limited to sexual imposition and rape

Juvenile offenses can carry significant penalties and may impact your child into his or her early adulthood. Our attorneys take all juvenile delinquency cases seriously and will represent your son or daughter with the vigor his or her case deserves.

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Mr. Brochetti, before joining the W. H. Hunt Legal Group, worked as an adult probation officer and juvenile delinquency prosecutor in Cuyahoga County. Since leaving the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, his primary practice has been juvenile delinquency defense.

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