Collaborative Commercial Law

Individuals seeking business solutions without costly litigation

In an effort to more completely serve our business clients our collaborative law practice has been extended into business law. This means individuals who wish to avoid litigation can bring their case to a resolution through a constructive dispute resolution process. Contact a collaborative business law lawyer at the law firm of Hunt Legal Group to discuss your situation with a qualified collaborative law attorney.

Recover outstanding debt without costly litigation.

Collaborative law can be applied to commercial collection disputes. If you are concerned with the cost of litigation as a means to collect debts from individuals or companies, then you may consider this alternative resolution as a less expensive, less stressful alternative to the courtroom.

To recover outstanding debt through the collaborative process, you would assemble a team that includes your attorney and other professionals you might require, such as financial or banking professionals, and your team would sit down with the team of the outstanding debtor. The two teams would openly share information with each other in good faith and the goal of the collaborative process is a mutually positive outcome.

This process is an excellent way to avoid business disputes and avoid litigation expenses and court costs. Where both clients realize the potential for mutual benefit, a collaborative solution can be achieved that would have been unlikely in a highly charged courtroom environment. Considering a solution through collaborative business law? Lawyers with the law firm of Hunt Legal Group are waiting for your call so they can help you.