Collaborative Family Law

So divorce happens.  Like marriage and birth of a child, divorce is a life changing event.  The real issue is how much damage is going to be done?  How much of the family’s resources are going to be invested in lawyers to fight over everything from the important things, like the children; to the really stupid stuff, like who is going to get the wedding china.  In rational moments, most people – even those who really hate their spouse – realize that litigated divorce, ala War of the Roses, is a huge waste of precious resources and extremely damaging to all involved, especially the children.  So if reconciliation is not possible, what is to be done?

The collaborative process offers a civilized and healing alternative to just filing for divorce and starting the war.  It involves specific protocols and collaboratively trained attorneys.  It provides a safe, private alternative to a public trial.  It offers the opportunity for you to decide what the rest of your life is going to be like instead of leaving it to a judge who has never met you, your spouse or your family.  It is a new approach to restructuring families that would otherwise head for divorce court.

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