Pay by the Slice

There are times when clients may prefer limited legal representation.  Perhaps for economic reasons or some other reason the client only wants to consult with the attorney as to a specific and typically narrow aspect of their case.  Traditionally this course has been frowned upon by the legal profession because the typical legal matter has complexities that the client is unaware of and would be brought to the surface only through the course of full legal representation.

In 2007 the Ohio Supreme Court adopted Rule 1.2(c) of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct permitting Ohio attorneys to offer “unbundled” or “limited” legal services:

A lawyer may limit the scope of a new or existing representation if the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances and communicated to the client, preferably in writing.

In its comments on this rule the Supreme Court cited the instance where the client’s objective is limited to securing general information about the law.  The representation may exclude activities that the client believes to be too costly under the circumstances.

At Hunt Legal Group, LLC we believe that even limited, client-specified legal advice is superior to no legal advice at all.  Therefore we do offer unbundled services in family law matters.  Do to the nature of this type of service; we request full payment at the time the service is rendered.  Also we are able to offer this service only at specific times of the week.  So, if you believe that this service is what you need, please call for an appointment and ask for a “PBS” time.  At the time of the appointment you will be asked the general nature of your legal issue and quoted an hourly rate.